Aluminum profiles

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    Aluminum profiles


    Aluminium glazing frame systems

    Aluminium glazing frame systems

    provide the ideal front for an elegant

    , modern look. With their

    outstanding flexibility, they can be

    used as a door leaf, or top-hung,

    side-hung and sliding door.

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    Aluminum profiles


    Handle systems

    Flush pull grips

    Horizontal orientation

    Elegantly restrained.

    Following the living concept of
    minimalism, flush pull grips are
    integrated into a flush-fitted overall
    appearance. Nevertheless, they
    offer a wide range of uses, whether
    they are fitted horizontally or vertically,
    between the worktop and the drawer
    below or between the front and the

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    Aluminum profiles


    Aluminium recessed handles

    Beautifully simple

    Recessed handles meet the

    requirement for a flush finish

    while also adding visual accents.

    The lengths are variable; the end

    caps are simply pushed on. Maximum
    stability is guaranteed.

    Can be produced in any length
    End caps are simply clipped on

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    Aluminum profiles


    Aluminium panel system

    Amazingly adaptable.

    As a shelf or wall cladding, the
    panel system makes a good
    impression in every application.
    It is variable in material type
    and strength, and extremely
    versatile as far as accessories
    are concerned – the stable
    support surfaces can even
    hold heavy objects.

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    Aluminum profiles


    Guide tracks and carriage unit

    Unmistakeably smooth.

    The guide tracks run continuously in line with

    the floor rails – quietly, easily and smoothly

    For easy operation, the comfortable soft closer

    comes as standard, while a separate carriage

    unit has been developed for the suspended system.

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    Aluminum profiles


    Handle and frame profi les MST/MSTH

    Particularly wide-ranging.

    The variety of the aluminium profiles

    also provides a varied range of

    applications. As a divider

    between different door infills

    or as an elegant frame profile

    – the variety of options offers great

    design freedom.

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    Aluminum profiles



    Ultra convenient.

    Brush seal carrier: the brush

    concealed in the guide track

    protects against dirt and dust.

    Roller carriage: the roller carriage

    in the guide track increases the load

    -bearing capacityand helps to ensure

    optimum distribution of weight for

    smooth operation.Soft closer:

    for easy operation, the soft

    closr can be used for door widthsfrom 540 mm

    (on both sides from 930 mm). It slows down

    the door, draws it in and holds it in position.

    Rebate gasket: like a shock absorber,

    the rebate gasket insulates the

    rebate on theframe profile.

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    Aluminum profiles



    Midway and wall systems

    Endlessly creative.

    The Kreativo wall system places

    no limits on individual design

    possibilities. It visually enhances

    the kitchen, living area and workspace

    It is also practical, offering plenty

    of storage space by means of versatile

    accessories. It can connect or divide

    spaces. A real all-rounder which can

    be extended horizontally or vertically

    as required by means of a sophisticated

    concept for theindividual units.

    Harmonious lighting is also an option.